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Brass player turned singer Nadun Reshantha has recently launched his debut song with the music video.

The composition of music, which contains the rhythms of piano and bass guitar,was done by musician Nadeeka Guruge.

Since the song is about renewing old memories such rhythms are ideal for the song, Nadeeka says.

Nadeeka did not forget to make a comment on the lyricist of the song, Chaminda Rathnasuriya, who won many hearts through his unconventional use of words. He said that Chaminda is capable of drawing pictures with words.

Expressing his thoughts on the title of the song 'Greeka Purawatha' , he said he understands that it is the first occasion the words were used in a song.

"Boy did a good job", said Nadeeka commenting on the budding singer.

Nadeeka Guruge also appears in the music video, which is a production of C.N.N, and it is reportedly his debut appearance in a music video.