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Rukantha asks President to pardon his attackers
Pointing out that the people who gave the order to harass him are still free, veteran singer Rukantha Gunathilaka today (13) told in a media meeting that he has decided to forgive those who have been punished by the Court for harassing him and doing damage to property.

The meeting was held at the Galadari hotel Colombo and the journalists were called by the Presidential media unit.

He said that he is requesting pardon from President Rajapaksa for those who have been convicted since the real criminal is not among them.

Sheding a tear at the meeting, Ms. Chandralekha Perera said that it was to her the the harassment affected mostly, she said although many had criticised them at that time that they did it for themselves just to go to USA.

However, she said that now that they have decided to forgive the culprits.

Panadura high court recently punished 10 former PSD police officers who served under former President Chandrika Kumarathunga, for harassing and damaging the property of Rukantha and Chandralekha.

9 were given 4 and a half years jail time with hard labour and the other who was a disabled person was given only the 4 and a half year jail term.

They were also ordered to pay 20 Lakhs to the victims of the crime, and imposed one more year if it is not paid.

They were further fined 21,000 Rupees each.