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Coffin Dumps on Kandy Road
An unusual event occurred  in Kandy last afternoon: The door of hearse belonging to a funeral director in Kandy opened accidentally and the coffin it was carrying (with a corpse inside) fell onto the main road in the heart of Kandy.

The incident occurred at around 12.15 pm yesterday as the hearse was heading towards Dalada Weediya from the central market area. The corpse had spilled on to Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe road. The driver, unaware of what had occurred had continued on his way for another 400 meters or so towards the pedestrian crossing on Dalada Weediya.

The city folk had been amazed to see a corpse and a coffin on the main road at that busy time and had gathered in large numbers to look at them. About fifteen minutes later the police had sent the coffin and the corpse to the funeral directors’ establishment in another vehicle.