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Arson attack on anti-DCD activist’s house

Unidentified persons set fire to a window at Dr. (Mrs) Ajantha Perera’s house in Rattanapitiya, at noon on Thursday.

She said that members of the household were away at the time of the incident.

Dr. Perera, who is a vehement campaigner against contaminated milk powder is also the Chairperson of the Association of Consumer Action and Consumer representative of the Food Advisory Committee at the Health Ministry.

Asked whether she suspected anyone, Dr. Perera told The Island that it could be the work of some elements who wanted to stop her campaign against contaminated milk powder. She added that she would not yield to threats. "I will continue my campaign against unethical and fraudulent practices and would not resign from any committee however big the threat is and no one can influence my decisions," she said.

Dr. Perera is also a leading environmentalist who has grappled with a number of burning issues which have been detrimental to the country.

Boralesgamuwa police investigating the incident have so far drawn a blank.