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Anusha scared of ‘ Vihara’
Model and actress Anusha Rajapaksha is doubtful towards the public response that she might receive on her role ‘ Vihara’ in the movie ‘ Swara’. She believes that she might have to face a little public disapproval due to the nature of the character.

However, since veteran actress Nita Fernando is also casted in the film, she expects that no such situation would occur.

Even though, it is said that she has been randomly selected to the particular role, some say that she was casted in the film due to the influence of Nita Fernando and Yolanda.

Anusha, who won the public attraction through teledramas such as ‘Pembarayano’ and ‘Night Learners’, is currently contributing to two teledramas ‘ Divya’ and Preethiraj Weeraratne’s first teledrama.